Utah Women & Leadership Project

Utah Women & Leadership Project @ Determine Your Destiny as Young Women

Class: Are you a young woman in high school? This workshop will help you learn about the many benefits of completing a college degree – including some you’ve probably never thought of! Put your thinking caps on and come ready to have some fun while we explore the wonderful world that lies ahead.

Holly Richardson, Utah Women & Education Initiative Coordinator

Holly Richardson is the enthusiastic coordinator of the projects, activities, and strategic communications for the Utah Women and Education Initiative. Her fifteen-plus years of experience creating and building online communities now serves UWEI’s mission to grow the impact of the organization by developing a strong network of support for women pursuing higher education. Holly is also pursuing her Masters degree at Southern Utah University in Professional Communication. She has a long and varied professional background, including being a midwife, a former member of the Utah House of Representatives and marketing/communication director. Holly is an outspoken advocate for Utah women in all aspects of life: politics, business, education, childbirth and family. She loves the way the digital age facilitates connecting communities of women with common goals. She serves on the board of Real Women Run, an online and in-person blended charter school, on the State Records Committee and the State Transparency Board.


Bonnie Mortensen, Utah Women & Leadership Project Coordinator

Bonnie Mortensen is the Project Coordinator, under the direction of Dr. Susan R. Madsen, for the Utah Women & Leadership Project. With 20+ years of management experience – from a family owned and operated group of restaurants in the south to being an Assistant Director of a charter school – she has learned first-hand about the importance of diversity and team building in the workplace. Her time in the charter school arena was spent being instrumental in implementing programs, such as the National School Lunch Program and Concurrent Enrollment via UVU, as well as helping to develop new educational opportunities for students utilizing local artists, musicians, community leaders, and scholars. Bonnie studied graphic design and marketing at Henderson State University and information systems management at UVU. While at Henderson State, Bonnie worked for the Small Business Developmental Center on such projects as Governor Round Tables, with then Governor Bill Clinton, free marketing seminars for local businesses, and educational opportunities for rural business owners. She is a huge proponent of supporting local business – especially those owned and operated by women.