Scott Morris

Knox Academy @ How Projects Can be Harnessed to Remove Anxiety in Learning

Class Description: The research is overwhelming when it comes to stress: it is plaguing you students. The research is also clear that removing doing in learning is part of the plague. Scott will show how your own natures are screaming at you to get up from your desk and put your hands on something to create.What you’ll find are amazing qualities like collaboration, communication and problem solving as immediate byproducts of your decision. Oh, and your anxiety goes down too. 

Bio: Scott Morris has always wanted to walk on the moon, or Mars, but thought teaching would be a little more challenging. Teaching from Taiwan to Guatemala to Provo to Davis County, Scott has learned that there is more to learn than to teach. In fact, Scott thinks that if you really want to learn something, you should step outside a border, the border of your community, your state, your nation. Yes, that might be a little uncomfortable, but he really believes discomfort breeds curiosity. To this end, Scott and a few of his friends started a school in Kaysville that challenges students to do nothing less than, you know it, change the world.