Scott and Julie Tanner

Davis School Board, Winder @ What We Wish We'd Known

Class Description: We will help you and your student think through issues like:

  • Residential Living: Where to live and how to choose a roommate
  • Study: How to choose a major and coursework and managing your workload
  • Speed: How fast should you try to get through school?
  • Extracurricular Activities: Is there time and space in your schedule for anything outside of classwork?
  • Money: How to pay for college

Bio: Julie and Scott Tanner have helped all six of their children navigate the complexities of the college application and matriculation process. Three have now graduated from college and the other three are well on their way. Scott has a Bachelor’s Degree from Stanford University and a MBA from Harvard Business School. He also picked up a CPA along the way and has served in various business executive positions for the past 30 years. Julie attended BYU, where she earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education. Julie taught Elementary School in both California and Utah, served as an active parent and volunteer in schools for over 25 years, and was elected to the Davis Board of Education in 2014, where she currently serves as an active School Board member. The Tanners believe that education is important both inside and outside the classroom, and that our learning journey should never end.