Niki Swan

Director of Internship Services at UVU @ How to Find a Major that Fits

Class Description: In this workshop, high school students will explore how to make wise decisions in career planning.  We will dive into questions high school students commonly ask, such as: What major should I choose?  Where should I intern?  Which careers would be best for my personality?  How much should I rely on the opinions of other people in my life?  Do I follow my passion or choose practicality? We will cover all of these topics and more!

Bio: Niki Swan has over nine years of industry experience and five years of higher education leadership experience, Niki is passionate about working with students in the areas of leadership, career development, and internship placement. Niki has an MBA with an emphasis in strategy from Claremont Graduate University and is the Director of Internship Services at UVU. Prior to that she worked at UCAS advising seniors on college major and career decisions. Niki loves to help students in high school and college figure out how to identify and achieve their dreams.